Unfold Invention

Multi-Purpose, Space-Saving Pilates Machine

In June 2014 I conceptualized a Pilates apparatus that would fold up to the wall like a Murphy bed, but also offer various accessories & space-saving innovations. I then built a 1/8 size prototype model that accommodated a Barbie doll. Later that year, I felt confident enough in this innovation to file the paperwork to patent the machine. In November of 2015 I hired a Colorado metal company to bring my designs to life. It took a couple months of working with their design team to create spec sheets for the construction of a full-size prototype. Then in early 2016 the build began, navigating each step carefully as we retrofitted an existing reformer, installed murphy bed mechanics, and designed the framework to encompass the machine against the wall. The fun part came when I got to design storage accommodations for every accessory used with the machine. The finished product reflected my original vision and so much more! In mid 2017, it was issued U.S. Patent number 9,744,400. Please view the video below to experience the various innovative features: 

*This machine is currently patented but not in production. If you are interested in discussing the possibilities for acquiring one or partnering in production, please email me at EmeCole@yahoo.com

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