Eme Cole is a Pilates professional, inventor and author of the Pilates Expanded book series.

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She teaches a progressive & innovative style of Pilates that is geared towards athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In addition to the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair & Ladder Barrel, she seamlessly incorporates other props such as the TRX, BOSU, Fitball, Foam Roller & Weight Balls. This ever-challenging, fully balanced workout improves strength, flexibility, balance, symmetry, and mind body awareness.

Based in Aspen/Snowmass Colorado, Eme offers a variety of Pilates services and may be contacted at the information below to discuss options and availability.

Contact phone #: 773-505-6462

email: EmeCole@yahoo.com

Please visit her at the social media platform of your choice:

Client testimonials:

Eme Cole is an outstanding Pilates instructor and personal trainer. We have been her clients for many years and have been extremely pleased with her commitment to improve our physical well-being. She has managed to put tone back into our muscles and to strengthen our cores which improves both our posture and our balance. She is rigorous in her approach which combines classical Pilates with cross-training exercises. Her attention to our physical well-being is greatly appreciated and one would be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable Pilates trainer. We recommend her with our highest enthusiasm and look forward to working with her for many years to come. ~Anne & Bob G.

Eme Cole is one of the best.  I met her around 2001 when she was a personal trainer at a local health club and was impressed with her credentials and knowledge of personal training and Pilates.  I was dealing with multiple injuries from a car accident and over time, she was able to increase my range of motion and flexibility.  Even my pain level improved.  She was able to modify exercises so that they worked best for me.  She did more for me than the physical therapists I had worked with. I have seen Eme grow throughout the years from a personal trainer to an entrepreneur owning two businesses, and a writer of books on Pilates.  She is a very caring person and always concerned with the well-being of her clients.  Her knowledge and understanding helped me to feel better both physically and mentally.  She has the ability to create individual programs to best meet the needs of each person.  Eme is very dedicated to her profession and clients.  ~Jim B.

Eme Cole is amazing, invigorating, committed, dedicated, professional, extremely motivating and with her extensive Pilates background and her premier teaching methods there is no doubt you will meet your personal goals. Eme has been my instructor since 2009. I have always been athletic and I have high expectations. After my first private class with Eme she blew me away and I knew I would meet all of my personal objectives. Eme’s workouts became tailored to my individual needs and I felt the positive results immediately. Her knowledge of Pilates is endless so there is unique creativity to every class. Alignment and proper form are also a priority to Eme. So if you want to meet your personal goals, promote weight loss, achieve a longer leaner body, develop core strength, improve your posture, increase flexibility, become stronger in your weak areas and have lots of fun while doing it… Meet Eme! ~Tracye T.

Eme Cole introduced me to Pilates in 2000. My goal has been to keep good posture and stay flexible as I have aged. I feel she has helped me achieve this. As my instructor, she is always looking for new ways to keep advancing my skill level and keeping my sessions fresh (stand up paddle board, who knew!). She has always been able to adjust with my aches and pains, but will not hesitate to get me back in line when I’m not paying attention!  I can’t say enough great things about her passion for Pilates. ~Kathy R.

Eme has been my Pilates instructor since 2004. She helped me get toned for my wedding, stay fit through 3 pregnancies, and continue to improve as a marathon runner. Her workouts are always changing and challenging. Eme is professional, knowledgeable, and makes working out fun! ~Kate G.

My husband and I have been loyal Pilates clients since 2003 and very much enjoy our weekly sessions (which I call “couples therapy”) with Eme. She is excellent in motivating us and in adapting the routines to our very different heights, strengths, and weaknesses. Eme is an engaging and intelligent individual, professional, completely reliable and we very much enjoy our sessions with her. ~Donna & Bill W.


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